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Танцовщицы и актрисы на старинных фотографиях

Танцовщицы и актрисы на старинных фотографиях.

Louise Brooks.

The Prima Donna, 1928

Fall fashions at the Hotel Astor
Keystone View Company, New York,
c. 1920

African American vaudeville group in blackface (1920s).

Club Prudhom African American female dancers and man in center front with cane, ca. 1930's

Josephine Baker

The Cotton Club Revue, a 1938 tour through South America, with some of the Silver Belles as young dancers

Radium Dance Group, ca 1905

Dancer, ca. 1904

Ruth St. Denis, ca. 1915

The McCoy Sisters 1916

Uncle Sam's Follies, 1925

Belly dancer, 1910

Morgan Dancers, 1923

Saidie Sellyna, ca. 1919

Denishawn Dancers, 1923

Paul Tcherinkoff's Russian dancers, 1923

Undated photo, probably from the 1920s.

Entertainers, 1926

Ruth St. Denis, ca. 1912

Wikipedia: La Sylphe was an exotic American dancer who became a sensation while performing at the Follies Bergere in the 1890s. Her true name was Edythe Lambelle.
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